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Helping Allurez respond to customers Faster + Better 



SLA increased by 40%
Customer Satisfaction score increased to 90%
Customer Support Cost reduced by 40%


Allurez is one of the fastest growing jewelry brands in the US.  Allurez sells a wide selection of jewelry including providing ability to its customers to customize their jewelry.


Allurez was growing fast, this led to increase in the number of customer conversations. Allurez wanted to handle these conversation in a timely manner while managing quality and costs.  Allurez started looking for new AI technologies that could suggest automated responses to customer converations. Allurez ended up choosing Smartgeek to solve this problem.   


Allurez implemented Smartgeek plug-in app on their HelpScout email software.  After three months of implementation, Smartgeek's platform was able to suggest accurate response to 80% of Allurez's customer conversations.  This helped Allurez to timely respond to customer conversations while keeping costs low and improving customer satisfaction.    

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