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We started Smartgeek in 2018, to reduce response times to customer conversations.


The idea is simple – Smartgeek is an AI platform which automates responses to customer conversations reducing response times and customer service costs.


The seeds for Smartgeek were planted years ago when we ran an outsourced call center and serviced companies such as Hugo Boss, Fila, Ugg, Living Social.  We learnt that during peak times, customers waited for up to 24 hours to get a response.  This led to angry customers who reached out through multiple channels i.e. phone, emails and chats to resolve the same issue.  As a result of these inefficiencies,  response times increased and so did customer service costs.      


Our founders were obsessed with providing faster response times and took over the challenge of “Reducing response times in a cost effective manner”.  This challenge led to founding of Smartgeek.  By solving this challenge we are creating happier customers for our clients.  We invite you to be part of the journey to create "happier customers".     

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