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How AI powered customer service is becoming a reality

Acquiring new customers, ensuring revenue flow and excellent customer service are three of the greatest challenges faced by companies in competitive markets today. The best solution for enhanced customer experience is AI-powered customer service . Solutions that are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) lead to user-centric, personalized experiences, which is exactly what today’s customers crave.


Advanced chatbots for customer service have ensured that there are not just simple question and answer scenarios. With the help of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, chatbots are able to work very well. These bots are able to process a lot of information and also understand customer behaviour, both of which will gradually take customer service to a new dimension.  

Businesses are already adopting AI

A number of forward-thinking businesses have already latched on to the AI trend. The technology assists customers in booking appointments and tickets, purchasing food, buying various products. Customers also look for assistance via web assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home Mini and Apple’s Siri, as well as more.

So, what are the advantages of AI customer support? Why are top companies investing readily in it? Here is a look at some of them”

  1. Very few errors, greater opportunities- AI performs more accurately as compared to humans, and generate lesser errors. Chatbots are able to collect and analyse every single customer conversation. Information stored by these bots assists customers in the most precise manner possible. Apart from the above, software programs that constitute the bots are loaded with product knowledge, customer information and complete business knowledge. Automated bots follow a proactive approach rather than a passive one, and are able to act accordingly.

  2. Ensuring 24/7 operation- 24/7 chatbots are available for customers, unlike their human counterparts. They present no excuses for sickness, frustration or holidays, and can engage customers in sensible conversations without sounding dull at any moment. Since millennials today are habituated to instant service, chatbots make perfect sense. Humans may get exasperated while trying to solve an issue, but technology will never face that problem. And yes, bots will never leave your program, so you do not have to worry about searching for replacements.

  3. Engaging employees and loyal customers- There is a myth across companies that AI customer support tends to lay off employees, which is not true. AI results in automation of tasks but does not replace humans. All kinds of unproductive and repetitive tasks are replaced with automated workflows for best productivity. When tasks are automated, human employees can work upon more complex tasks, which will help in retaining customers. Engaged and productive employees will naturally be beneficial for obtaining new customers and retaining them.   

  4. Personalized service- Today’s customers are not satisfied with just buying products- they like it if a business is able to go the extra distance for help. AI chatbots interpret customer history and look to suggest other available product options (cross-selling). Based on past purchases, they also remind customers about pending purchases.  






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