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Helping Wanderset Reduce Costs 



Customer Service 
Cost reduced by 40%
CSAT Increased to 90%
SLA increased by 70%

Challenge is a premier e-commerce destination for men’s fashion focused on telling stories of sourcing the next generation of designers and cultural creatives. 
Since the opening of its doors, Wanderset went through explosive growth.  So much so that it's customer service support volume was doubling each month.   Wanderset was looking to service these additional conversations.   Wanderset started looking for AI options to solve its problem, and they engaged Smartgeek.


Smartgeek was implemented at Wanderset.  After 6 months of implementation, Smartgeek was able to suggest accurate responses for 90% of the customer inquiries.  Additionally Wanderset had to send thousand's of outbound emails to its vendors, with Smartgeek we automated the process.  With the implementation of Smatgeek, customer service cost was reduced and customer service satisfaction increased.

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